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athenahealth, a leader in healthcare technology, recruits at universities across the country to fill internships and entry-level positions in high-tech fields. They want their presence at campus recruiting events to reflect their commitment to innovation in the healthcare sector.

Challenge: Increased Competition for On-Campus Talent

The hiring market for entry-level technical positions in the healthcare field continues to be highly competitive, and athenahealth needed to stand out from the competition to attract top talent. The manila folders, clipboards and paper resumes their teams used at campus events contradicted their technology-forward mission, while creating operational challenges, including:

  • Searching candidate data was near-impossible. Even when paper resumes collected at events were scanned into a system, they weren’t searchable. Without a shared database to search campus candidates, it was difficult to generate a pipeline of talent for last-minute openings or future hiring.
  • Compliance concerns delayed candidate evaluations. Upholding compliance standards, recruiters did not take notes with candidate feedback on paper resumes at events. Without candidate evaluations, it was difficult to identify best-fit candidates back at the office.

Solution: A Mobile Campus Recruitment Experience

athenahealth partnered with Yello to create a technology-focused, digital approach to campus recruitment. Instead of recording candidate attendance on a clipboard or storing paper resumes in a folder, recruiting teams use Yello Mobile Recruiting Apps to eliminate long lines at events, allowing candidates to check in and upload their resume at tablet kiosks. Recruiters compliantly evaluate candidates in real-time on mobile devices and easily reference this feedback when they return to the office.

“In the past, we had a lot of paper; there’s no way to go back through piles of paper resumes to build a pipeline for a specific position. With Yello, we’re able to do that.”

After the event, the team is prepared for last-minute positions that may open and can plan for future hiring. athenahealth recruiters search data from every campus career fair. With the candidate’s background, interests and evaluation at their fingertips, recruiters quickly identify a pipeline of interested candidates, even under a tight timeline.

Business Impact: Reduce Time-to-Fill to Hire Top Technical Candidates

The athenahealth team uses Yello Mobile Recruiting Apps at more than 25 hiring events each year, meeting more than 1,200 candidates during the fall 2016 recruiting season. They reduce time-to-fill to move in-demand candidates through the hiring process faster. When requisitions open last minute, the athenahealth recruiting team generates a pipeline in hours, rather than several days, slashing the time those challenging positions remain open.

“We’re a tech company, and it’s important that we demonstrate this to the tech-savvy students we recruit. Using Yello, our teams show this innovative spirit.”

athenahealth is at the forefront of healthcare technology, and their campus recruitment efforts align with their dedication to innovation. With Yello’s talent acquisition software, they created a high-tech recruitment experience to stand out in a highly competitive market, while staying compliant, sourcing faster and reducing time-to-fill.

Want to learn more about how athenahealth uses Yello to hire the best college talent? Request a demo of Yello’s software.

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