Who’s on Talent Acquisition Santa’s “Nice” List?3 min read

December 18, 2018 Talent Acquisition

It’s December and that’s a busy time of year for Talent Acquisition Santa. Right now, he’s busy working on his famous “Naughty” and “Nice” lists. While we wouldn’t presume to know everything about who’s on those lists, we’re sure the following good boys and girls made the “Nice” list.


1. The Inbound Recruitment Marketing Good Boy

This good boy is staying on top of his inbound recruitment marketing game by making great content to share with candidates in the company’s talent pipeline.

Photo Credit: Instagram

2. The Good Interview Questions Good Boy

This little fella has taken the time to craft really great interview questions that don’t get canned responses.

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3. The Interview Scheduling Good Girl

Since she started using interview scheduling software, this good girl doesn’t have to do any crazy running around (unless it’s after a frisbee).

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4. The Video Interview Software Good Girl

Rather than spending all day on phone screens, this good girl is using video interview software to move candidates through the hiring process quickly.

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5. The Veteran Hiring Program Good Boy

This good boy is helping his colleagues come up with recruitment marketing ideas to target candidates who are military veterans.

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6. The Employee Testimonial Content Good Girl

Creating great employee testimonial videos for the recruiting website is the work of a very, very good girl.

Photo Credit: Instagram

7. The Talent Acquisition Tech Stack Good Boy

Making sure the team has the best and most useful recruitment technology is something good boys do all the time.

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8. The Campus Recruiting Good Boys and Girls

These go-getters are getting the most out of their campus recruiting events.

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9. The Holiday Spirit Good Boy

This festive boy is going to get a treat from Santa just because he’s doing such an excellent job of spreading Christmas cheer.

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