Evaluation Management

Focus on engaging candidates—not following up with interviewers for feedback. Advance talent from interview to hire by leveraging evaluation management to collect all interview feedback. Through digital evaluation forms, implement a consistent evaluation program and hire with confidence, knowing that you’ve identified the right candidate for the right position.

Configurable evaluation forms

Improve the candidate experience by creating an interview and evaluation process that is relevant to the role.

  • Establish a consistent evaluation program with configurable forms that provide guidance for interviewers.
  • Manage evaluation processes by position, department or interview role and include competencies, ratings and overall recommendations.
  • Support compliance and internal audit requests through digitally assigned evaluation forms.

Evaluation routing and reminders

Never let delays in interviewer feedback stall the hiring pipeline.

  • Speed the hiring process by completing digital evaluations from a mobile device or desktop.
  • Ensure evaluations are completed promptly by assigning evaluations in bulk and automating reminders.
  • Export evaluation data to facilitate debrief and consensus conversations.

Free recruiters from time-intensive follow-up encouraging hiring managers to submit feedback

Enable interviewers to complete evaluations from anywhere, on any device

Standardize the evaluation process by ensuring candidates are rated across consistent standards

Measure success

  • With complete visibility into program-wide evaluation status, identify slow points in the hiring process to make improvements for the future.
  • Through an all-digital evaluation process, streamline candidate review to accelerate time-to-hire and quickly bring top talent on board.
  • Improve quality of hire by analyzing all evaluation data in a single system to draw conclusions and modify the interview process.
"When you're at career fairs and meeting 50 - 60 candidates, it's hard to remember what each of those interactions was like. Having evaluation forms easily available with their resume let's me tie in what my experience was like with that candidate and be able to place them for a specific position."

– Tiffany Smith, J. B. Transport

Find out how to speed up your hiring process with evaluation management.