Global Recruiting

Use a single platform to streamline hiring and deliver personalized candidate experiences across the globe.


The number 1 priority of CEOs worldwide this year was the failure to attract and retain top talent

Source: The Conference Board

Do you have the tools to attract top global talent?

Get the functionality and results you need for success in every market — with tools designed for global recruiting teams.

  • Yello’s global recruitment platform is used in 70+ countries, in 15+ languages
  • More than 110 of the Fortune 500 rely on Yello to power global recruitment programs
  • Yello is certified with the E.U.-U.S. and Swiss-US Privacy Shield Certifications
  • Yello is GDPR Compliant – comply and protect the personal data of candidates that are located in the European Union

Global Recruitment Software benefits:

Create personalized experiences around the globe
Empower recruiters to build local pipelines
Accelerate hiring while supporting privacy regulations

Sourcing Candidates

Supercharge your sourcing strategy with powerful job board integrations and pipeline development tools to help you identify right-fit candidates throughout the world.

Automatically source candidate information from multiple sources through DAXTRA job boards and LinkedIn integrations.

Client Spotlight: Interviewing Agility on a Global Scale with Cielo

At some companies, interviews can be a nightmare — not for the candidate, but for the talent acquisition team. Scheduling, confirmation, no-shows, cross-department coordination, logistics, data entry, follow-up… While necessary and valuable, there’s no doubt the interview process can be a huge drain on time and resources. But what if you could automate most or all of it? Cielo, a recruitment process outsourcing (RPO) provider, did just that — find out how it made them better.

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Engaging Candidates

Deliver personalized experiences and communications that resonate with candidates across the globe — no matter where they are.

Easily monitor campaign performance and get key engagement insights to improve your strategy in the future.

Advancing Candidates

Hire faster with streamlined hiring processes powered by automation, but flexible enough to adapt to the unique needs of separate regions and business units.

Connect with candidates in seconds using Yello's click-to-launch live video interviews
"We use Yello globally. We hire in 70 countries and we use Yello in all of them."

– Adam Godson, Cielo

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