High-Volume Recruiting

Keep up with the constant demand for hourly talent and accelerate your process with a talent acquisition platform that works with your ATS — helping you fill high-volume hiring pipelines.


Recruiters spend as much as 42% of their productive time during a week just screening candidates

Source: Ideal

Can you keep up with your pipeline?

High-volume recruiting is all about having the tools to keep up with candidates on the go to fill pipeline demand. Get a leg up on the competition with Yello’s high-volume hiring solutions — designed to help you quickly engage, screen and advance candidates to hire.

High-Volume Recruiting Solutions benefits:

Engage candidates anywhere and schedule instantly
Accelerate the application process
Build and share hourly talent pools

Sourcing Candidates

Keep up with high-volume pipeline needs and identify best-fit candidates faster with internal and external sourcing that automates and streamlines traditional processes.

Pinpoint the right fit candidates in seconds with advanced search and filters that help you combine all your candidate sources to discover - and rediscover - top talent.

Client Spotlight: Engaging Millennials to Achieve High-volume Hiring Goals

Goodman Networks, which helps customers build and maintain wireless networks, grew quickly and now employs more than 2,500 field technicians. Most of these technicians are 18 to 29-year-old members of the Millennial and Gen Z workforce. To keep up with growth and continue to meet high-volume hiring goals, the Goodman Networks talent team needed to create a scaleable hiring process, while leveraging additional ways to build and nurture a pipeline of Millennial and Gen Z candidates.

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Engaging Candidates

Stay ahead of the competition with instant, automated engagements that make it easy for on-the-go candidates to take action and apply for roles.

Engage candidates on-the-go with interactive text campaigns that make it easy for candidates to learn about your company and take action.

Advancing Candidates

Make offers faster with smart screening logic, automated application workflows and candidate self-service scheduling — ensuring your team fills roles faster.

Eliminate hours of back-and-forth communications with a dedicated landing pages that empower candidates to self-schedule interviews that work with their schedule.
“We bring more than 500,000 candidates into Yello’s CRM each month, organize them into talent pipelines and send more than one million emails monthly to keep candidates engaged.”

– Adam Godson, Cielo

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