Analyze Trends in Evaluation Data

My talent acquisition team sources and vets candidates for hiring managers to interview, but too often, interviewers share feedback about candidates verbally, in an email or handwritten on the back of a resume. This leads to disparate data sources that are not easily tracked or analyzed. With Yello Evaluation Management Software, all evaluation data is available in a single system, enabling me to report on evaluation activity and program-wide scores to understand trends in candidate quality.


Director of Talent Acquisition

Manager, Recruiting Operations

Manager of Talent Acquisition Operations


Create a Consistent Interview and Evaluation Process

One of my primary responsibilities is ensuring our hiring processes are replicable and efficient. Disjointed candidate experiences and non-standardized feedback can make it extremely difficult to implement a consistent interview processes. That’s why I use Yello Evaluation Management Software. It helps me create an interview and evaluation process that is the same for every candidate, overcome recruiting bottlenecks to propel our team’s efficiency and results in an overall increase in our talent acquisition ROI.

Manager, Recruiting Operations

Manager of Talent Acquisition Operations


Eliminate Delays in Interview Feedback

Following up with hiring managers for interview feedback delays the hiring process and can cause candidates to drop out. Yello Evaluation Management Software speeds feedback collection. Hiring managers complete evaluations on their smartphones and tablets, and I set automated reminders encouraging interviewers to provide feedback. With Yello Evaluation Management Software, I always have a clear understanding of completed and outstanding evaluations, and I never have to repeatedly follow up with interview teams.




Free recruiters from the time-intensive process of following up with hiring managers for feedback

Enable interviewers to complete evaluations from anywhere, on any device

Standardize the evaluation process by ensuring candidates are rated across the same standards

Find out how to speed up your hiring process with Yello Evaluation Management.