Actionable Event Data for Long-Term Planning

Events are an important component of our long-term recruiting strategy. It’s critical for me to effectively evaluate which events provide a strong return on investment and which do not, to plan for future hiring. That’s why my team uses Yello Event Management Software. It allows me to track event metrics, evaluate which events are working, which aren’t and better plan my talent acquisition strategy for the future.


Director of Talent Acquisition

Manager, Recruiting Operations

Manager of Talent Acquisition Operations


Consistency from Planning to Execution

One of the most challenging aspects of recruiting events is coordinating hiring managers and on-site staff who aren’t part of the talent acquisition department. Our team has a limited amount of time to train the on-site staff, and I worry that candidate experiences at events will suffer due to a lack of cohesive training. With Yello Event Management Software, company representatives can easily access and understand their roles and expectations. With a transparent process, we run seamless events to create a consistent and positive candidate experience.

Manager, Recruiting Operations

Manager of Talent Acquisition Operations


Simplify Event Preparation, Management and Logistics

Event planning and preparation is a large part of my day-to-day responsibilities. My manager and director don’t fully understand what it takes; from planning travel arrangements, preparing event materials and training our on-site team, recruiting events are a major undertaking. That’s why I use Yello Event Management Software. It allows me to view planning details from past events, so I can easily prepare for current and upcoming career fairs. I manage logistics directly from the platform, and my manager and teammates can access event details at any time.




Create a central event repository so every team member can access one, complete system to manage events and materials

Run every recruitment event with unmatched consistency

Engage with top talent before the competition by marketing events and pre-registering candidates


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