Implement Consistent Event Processes

I am charged with mitigating recruiting weaknesses using technology and process. When our team recruits at hiring events without consistent practices, it creates compliance concerns and makes it challenging to establish success metrics. Using Yello Mobile Recruiting Apps, we build replicable event processes and digitally collect candidate information. By bringing consistency to event recruiting, we have increased staff efficiency, are confident in compliant practices and understand event ROI for every career fair.


Director of Talent Acquisition Operations


Manager of Talent Acquisition


Provide Candidates a Digital Experience

The way we recruit at hiring events is important to build our employer brand. When our teams use a clipboard for candidate registration and collect stacks of paper resumes, candidates take note of our antiquated processes. Yello Mobile Recruiting Apps enable our team to provide an all-digital hiring event experience. Candidates value our commitment to the newest technologies, and our team is able to focus on learning about attendees and sharing information about our organization, providing the best experience at every recruiting event.


Manager of Talent Acquisition


Eliminate Post-Event Data Entry

Recruiting events can be chaotic. Between meeting candidates and learning about their backgrounds, I had no time to review or file resumes. After events, I used to spend hours combing through paper resumes and manually entering candidate data on spreadsheets. With Yello Mobile Recruiting Apps, candidates upload their resumes on the spot, so I never leave an event with a stack of paper. I have all candidate data at my fingertips to easily evaluate at any point on a phone or tablet, without reviewing endless spreadsheets.




Enable recruiters to focus on engaging with candidates, instead of collecting and filing paper resumes

Compliantly collect candidate data and access candidate information from anywhere to advance candidates through the hiring pipeline faster

Enhance the candidate experience by coordinating a seamless, digital process


Find out how to stop collecting paper resumes with Yello Mobile Recruiting Apps.