Strengthen Company Culture with Employee Referrals

Employee engagement is essential to retain top talent and build a vibrant company culture. Yello Referrals helps boost engagement by empowering employees to act as champions for our organization. The inherent transparency of the tool means each employee has insight into the progress of the referred individual, while ensuring company compliance globally. Providing employees the opportunity to refer and work with people they already know and trust brings about higher retention rates, while contributing to a stronger, more collaborative company culture.




Director of Talent Acquisition


Leverage Employees to Power Recruitment Programs

From sourcing for every job requisition from scratch, to paying to post on dozens of job boards, finding new talent in a competitive market is expensive and time-consuming. That’s why we leverage Yello Referrals. We tap our most valuable resource — our employees — to engage with the best talent in their networks. Through a streamlined and transparent referral program, employees introduce our talent team to potential hires. Our recruiters welcome the connection to quality candidates and employees appreciate the ability track their referrals through the hiring process.


Director of Talent Acquisition


Compliantly Refer Talent in a Multinational Company

Employee referrals are often the most cost-effective hires, but a lack of structure around a referral program can cause compliance concerns for our multinational organization. With Yello Referrals, we built a streamlined referrals process to help mitigate legal risks associated with global employee referral policies. It accounts for rules that differ between nations, enabling our global workforce to compliantly refer friends and colleagues.

Manager, Recruiting Operations

Manager of Talent Acquisition Operations


Empower employees to easily refer the best candidates—talent from their networks

Convert fragmented processes into valuable programs

Bypass the time and hard costs of having to source from scratch for every hire


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