Leverage Video to Pipeline for the Future

I am responsible for implementing a talent acquisition strategy to select exceptional talent, while remaining on budget. My team often has to pass on strong, non-local candidates to avoid the travel costs associated with on-site interviews. Yello Video Interviewing Software increases the pool of available candidates by reducing limitations based on interviewee location. The team uses video to connect with national and global candidates to fill current positions and create a pipeline of future candidates, while remaining within budget constraints.


Director of Talent Acquisition

Manager, Recruiting Operations

Manager of Talent Acquisition Operations


Keep the Hiring Process Moving Forward

I’m always looking for ways to prevent disruptions in the hiring process that prevent open positions from being filled. When travel delays, weather or illness lead to interview team member cancellations, it puts the entire hiring process on pause and can lose candidates. Yello Video Interviewing Software prevents bottlenecks, keeping the interview process moving forward. It reduces the impact of unexpected events and enables hiring managers to interview from any location, so the hiring pipeline continually advances and candidates remain engaged.

Manager, Recruiting Operations

Manager of Talent Acquisition Operations


Stop Phone Screening to Interview On-demand

My days are often packed with back-to-back phone screens, leaving little time to review new applicant information or keep current candidates warm. With Yello Video Interviewing Software, I provide questions for the candidate to answer and review their responses on my own time through pre-recorded video interviews, instead of during a scheduled phone screen. Video interviews give me a thorough understanding of qualifications and culture compatibility, while reducing the time I spend screening and vetting candidates.




Interview from any location and across time zones, reducing delays due to scheduling difficulties and streamlining interview team efficiencies

Ensure schedules are not disrupted by unexpected events, such as weather or illness, so candidates move through the hiring process faster

Increase the talent pool by interviewing candidates from anywhere, instead of being limited by geographical boundaries


Find out how to increase your pool of available candidates with Yello Video Interviewing.