Recruitment Software Implementation

Our team aligns business processes to ensure success from day one. From understanding business needs, to guiding deployment, Yello’s implementation team leverages proven best practices to take you step-by-step through the configuration process, conduct trainings and onboard all new clients, ensuring success from day one.

Meet your dedicated implementation team

We’ll be with you every step of the way.

Project Manager

The project manager is the primary contact throughout implementation and provides oversight of all timelines and deadlines, ensuring the project remains on schedule.

Solutions Architect

The solutions architect is an expert on the Yello platform. This skilled resource will facilitate in-person workshops and consult throughout the implementation process.

Implementation Consultant

The implementation consultant provides ongoing support from the beginning of the project through go-live. They will answer questions, provide guidance on post-workshop configuration and guide your team through the process.

Integration Consultant

The integration consultant helps you connect Yello to the rest of your HR technology portfolio — including single sign-on, Address Book and ATS integrations — to support your strategic vision.

Services Consultant

The services consultant runs the optimization process, ensuring you are realizing sustained value from Yello quickly and continue to drive adoption across your teams.

Yello Optimizations and Integrations

Key to a successful kick-off and product adoption.


Optimizations revisit customer implementations to review your proprietary business practices and workflows. Yello will bring in a services consultant to sit down with the customer, confirm or adjust the current configuration of the product suite and make adjustments where needed.


Yello integrations range from free, to standard and custom scopes across our product suite. Contact your Account Executive for more information about Yello’s recruitment software integrations.

Implementation & Integration Packages

With free, standard and custom integration scopes across our product suite, Yello can provide information and recommendations to ensure your team realizes the full value and power of Yello from day one.

Out of the box

Basic level offering that come free to Yello customers and are fixed scope.


Advanced integrations that customers can choose. These options offer a wide array of templates for their integration needs. Templates are fixed scoped and built from Yello best practices.


Yello understands not all standard sizing fits your unique process. We’ll partner with customers to understand their needs and execute on a custom scoped project to tailor fit.

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