Campus Recruitment

Establish a campus recruitment strategy to build your company’s next generation of leaders

Streamline campus recruitment events

  • Simplify execution of campus recruitment events, from career fairs to on-campus interviews, by planning and managing your event-based strategy in a single platform.
  • Retain institutional knowledge and drive stakeholder alignment with a central tool to oversee all events, relationships, materials, volunteers, candidates and communications.
  • Stand out to top talent with a technology-forward check-in process, empower volunteers to access candidate data in real-time and capture consistent, compliant feedback from each candidate conversation.

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Build an early talent pipeline

  • Standardize your employee referral process for campus hires with a mobile, easy-to-use referral process.
  • Build a pipeline for the future by capturing and tracking early-ID talent.
  • Provide a tailored application experience with flexible application forms and unique workflow routings to reflect the campus hiring process.

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Advance candidates to hire quickly

  • Engage top talent before the competition with candidate self-scheduling for phone screens, on-campus interviews and final-round superdays.
  • Reduce interview anxiety for candidates and interviewers by automating reminder and RSVP email communications, sharing prep packets and providing interview details in a mobile app.
  • Streamline interview coordination through live and pre-recorded video interviews and calendar sync with Outlook and Gmail.

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Measure success

  • Evaluate your campus recruitment strategy and associated investments with data on quality of talent generated from events.
  • Leverage metrics, including conversion rates and total hires, to adjust campus-based strategies moving forward.
  • Share your campus talent pipeline organization-wide to enable additional business lines mine for potential hires.

What does the new era of campus recruiting mean for today's employers?