Campus Planning

Improve visibility into recruiting effectiveness and unlock data to target schools that help you meet DEI goals with versatile planning capabilities.

Yh Campus Planning
Centralize key event 
and campus data
Strategize and collaborate on your early talent strategy with critical information in a centralized hub
Make data-driven 
campus investments
Align your target schools with your diversity goals and existing ROI to decide which campuses to invest in
Track everything 
in Yello
Track schools, staff, events, ROI and more, along with candidates and engagement history for a holistic view of all of your recruiting activities

Command your data

Centralize key event and campus data so you can report on ROI, overcome employee turnover and stop managing your early talent strategy in spreadsheets.

Yh Event Metrics
Campus Recruitment

Be more data-driven

Empower your team to make data-driven campus investments without needing the skills or time to manually construct queries or combine data from multiple sources

Track everything in Yello so that your campus recruiting team can thrive

With industry-leading planning capabilities and end-to-end process visibility, sourcing reach, and events management, your team will have confidence in the value they’re driving to your business and will have the insights they need for measurable improvement.

Yh Events Management

Start planning.