Your HR tech isn’t built with early talent in mind – Yello is.

Yello is built for early talent teams with best-in-class campus planning, sourcing, events, and recruitment operations. At Yello, our mission is to make your campus recruiting team love their work.

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Campus recruiters, like you, are tasked with a lot

From the logistics of high-volume recruiting and interviewing, to the time spent traveling and talking with students, to the goals set forth by leadership to drive diversity and build talent pipelines for their organizations. It’s easy to be weighed down by your to-do list. We know there’s a better way, and we’re here to help.

Yello’s early-career talent acquisition platform enables world class campus recruiting teams to deliver personalized candidate experiences to every job seeker, resulting in quality hires, faster fills, and an outstanding employer brand.

Yello is your early talent recruitment hub, streamlining and automating your process so that you can focus on what’s most important: your candidates. The centralized platform is easy to use, enabling recruiters to collaborate with one another to attract and engage top, diverse talent. Key metrics provide meaningful insights that lead to more informed, data-driven decisions, while measuring ROI and demonstrating value to leadership.

Why do hundreds of Fortune 500 companies partner with Yello?

Improve visibility into recruiting effectiveness and unlock data to target schools that help you meet DEI goals with versatile planning capabilities

Get more diverse, quality candidates in your top-of-funnel with WayUp’s candidate database of 7M+ early-career candidates.

Campus recruitment is so much more than just executing events and collecting resumes. To truly be successful you need to track results and candidate demographics year-to-year to continue to improve your strategy and maintain compliance.

Great candidates don’t last long. Evaluate top talent right away and move them forward in your process before someone else does.

We know your hiring process is unique. Make Yello your own with world-class implementation and customer support.

Making it through campus recruiting season is a sprint. Our customer success organization partners with you every step of the way to make sure you’re able to shine in front of students.

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