Recruitment CRM

Leverage a Recruitment CRM to gain visibility into every step of the candidate lifecycle. From joining a talent community, to attending a hiring event, through application and interview, recruiters collaborate with talent relationship management software that offers complete transparency into the candidate journey and provides a personalized experience at every touchpoint.

Complete candidate record

Foster transparency and collaboration by enabling any recruiter, at any point in time, to access all candidate information.

  • View information and activity for every candidate—active, passive, sourced or applied.
  • Enhance visibility into every touchpoint throughout the candidate journey, including emails, texts, notes, assessments, reminders, events, interviews and more.

Talent pipelines

Simultaneously identify talent for immediate needs and roles that aren’t yet open by tracking candidates in a single database.

  • Organize candidates into proactive talent pipelines via tags and folders to keep these groups top-of-mind for future hiring needs.
  • Auto-categorize talent based on the candidate’s profile and skills to send targeted campaigns or flag for further review.

Reduce time-to-hire by building and cultivating relationships with multiple candidate pipelines

Gain insight into the candidate journey, at every step of the process, to plan for future hiring needs

Increase productivity on a candidate relationship management platform that simplifies collaboration and supports recruiter productivity

Candidate search

Stop wading through hundreds of unqualified candidates—target searches to narrow in on the exact candidates you need.

  • Search your entire candidate pool in seconds and pinpoint top talent with Boolean and radius search capabilities.
  • Increase productivity and speed sourcing with saved searches, resume preview and more.

Collect feedback

Enhance the candidate experience by leveraging feedback from those with first-hand knowledge—your candidates.

  • Differentiate the candidate experience at each stage of the hiring process through custom surveys and feedback-collection forms.
  • Leverage survey data to increase recruiting ROI and improve your hiring process.

Measure success

  • With visibility into the candidate pipeline, monitor growth by candidate sector and tailor pipelining efforts to be prepared for future hiring.  
  • Offer a candidate experience that makes your company stand out by measuring the experience at every point of the candidate lifecycle and identifying improvement opportunities.
  • Convert job seekers to applicants by determining the optimal number of touchpoints throughout the candidate journey.
"Being able to search allows us to target the specific candidates we’re looking for."

– Rebecca Cerk, BP

Ready to see how a recruitment CRM will help you engage job seekers at every point of the candidate lifecycle?