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Yello is built to empower campus recruiting teams to succeed.

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Yello Events simplifies your tech stack and gives recruiters the tools they need.

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In 2022, Yello customers created:


Campus event planning

Save time and resources by centralizing key event and campus information in Yello. Manage outreach, logistics, and registration all in one place. Engage, evaluate, and move top candidates forward in real-time, without the hassle of paper resumes or manual data entry.

Campus Planning

Say goodbye to spreadsheets and paperwork.

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Gen Z

Personalize the candidate experience and appeal to Gen Z talent.

Candidate engagement

Stand out among your competitors by establishing relationships with top talent and building your employer brand. Ensure that all candidates have a positive and memorable recruiting experience.

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Evaluation tracking

Make faster hiring decisions and beat the competition to top talent by using real-time candidate evaluations to quickly advance candidates through your hiring process. Evaluations also help you identify and alleviate bottlenecks in your hiring process.

Yh Event Metrics

Prevent hiring bottlenecks by tracking evaluation progress with automated staff reminders, built-in reporting, and real-times updates

Simplify the feedback process by configuring candidate criteria and feedback questions, and including supplemental materials like resumes, portfolios and more

Discover ways to improve the interview process within your team by pinpointing evaluation inefficiencies and and maintaining digital records for internal compliance

Identify top candidates quickly and deliver automated feedback to candidates that aren’t a good fit, ensuring a positive experience for every candidate

Event-Based Scheduling

Heading to campus to spend a day or two interviewing candidates? With Event-Based Scheduling, offered only by Yello, leverage one-of-a-kind automation to create a seamless high-volume interview experience.

Yh Event Schedule Details

Build your employer brand and personalize the candidate experience through custom interview invitations and thank you notes

Meet as many candidates as possible by manage multiple recruiters’ interview availability in one place

Increase candidate attendance rates by enabling candidates to schedule virtual or in-person interviews and receive SMS confirmations

Create a seamless transition from your event booth to the interview hall by scheduling candidates in real-time from the Yello mobile app

Review post-event analytics and quickly identify follow-up items to tie up loose ends

Event ROI

Make the most of your resources and bandwidth by tracking the ROI of your events. Make smarter, data-driven campus investments and be more aware of the talent you’re reaching at each event.

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Here at Yello, we know that recruiting events, whether in-person or virtual, play a crucial role in a successful campus recruiting program. That’s why Yello is the only solution built with the needs of campus recruiting teams in mind, with all the tools you need to plan and manage recruitment events. Yello automates manual work, making it easy to organize your strategy, invite candidates, manage pre-registration, and follow up to promote attendance.

Even during events, half of your work is already done so you can focus on making connections. Candidates simply create their own profile by registering via a mobile application or with a QR code, capturing candidate data before you’ve even had a conversation. Evaluations help you identify which candidates move to the next stage while sharing candidate feedback with your team in real-time.


See how Yello customers use candidate evaluations to quickly move talent through their hiring funnel while improving the candidate experience.

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