Recruitment Events

Commit to providing candidates an engaging experience at every recruiting event with events management software. Stand out at career fairs, while focusing more on candidate engagement and less on resume collection, by offering a completely digital event experience for job seekers, recruiters and business representatives.

Event planning and execution

Eliminate disorder at recruitment events by providing all stakeholders a clear understanding of event expectations.

  • Manage, plan and share event information across your organization using a seamless events management software specifically designed for recruiters.
  • Prepare for any event scenario with offline mode and device compatibility.

Digital event experience

Quickly advance top talent with all candidate information at your fingertips.

  • Eliminate paper resume collection by providing a digital check-in for candidates – on a smartphone or tablet – to capture pre-screening details and resumes.
  • Empower staff to access candidate data in real-time to review, follow up or add notes.

Create a central event repository so every team member can access one, complete system to manage events and materials

Run every recruitment event consistently to maximize career fair ROI

Engage with top talent before the competition by marketing events and pre-registering candidates

Attendee engagement

Advance talent through the hiring pipeline pre-career fair to extend offers before departure.  

  • Engage top talent before the competition by marketing events on social media and career sites.
  • Send advance sign-up forms to candidates prior to the event and identify top talent before you arrive.
  • Immediately send candidates email and text campaigns or invitations to self-schedule interviews.

Measure success

  • Supercharge your events strategy by quickly determining which career fairs yield the strongest talent and ROI.
  • Maximize the effectiveness of event marketing efforts by monitoring event registration rates and tailoring marketing initiatives.
"I have data that I’ve never had before. I know exactly how many candidates we met in the last 12 months. I know what schools we met them at. I know how many of those became applicants and how many became hires."

– Dylan Schweitzer, Enterprise Holdings

Stand out at every career fair with events management software.