1. “The Applicant Pool”

Glue a bunch of cover letters and resumes to the inside of a small plastic kiddie pool. Cut holes out for your face and arms. Viola! You’re the applicant pool. If you want to get fancy, you could periodically stuff resumes from your pool into a length of 2-inch PVC pipe you can call your talent pipeline.

2. “The Job Hopper”

One frog suit. One five-page resume. Time to get hopping.

3. “The Pre-Employment Phone Scream”

Grab a telephone handset. Add a ghost-face mask and voila! An agonizing face for one of the most agonizing tasks of recruiting.

4. “The Ghosting Candidate”

Make a classic bed-sheet ghost costume and then disappear from the Halloween party without telling anyone so you can attend a different party.

5. “The Purple Squirrel”

This is the classic bait-and-switch trick that candidates pull all year long. Before your party, email your colleagues a list of what your Halloween costume is going to have—luxurious purple fur, a big bushy tail, adorable stuffed cheeks and cute little whiskers—and on the day of the event come in a scrappy cat costume you got at the gas station.

Need one more? Toby.

That’s right—from The Office. Brown jacket? Check. Neat and tidy tie? Check. Deadpan stare when things get a little non-PC? Check. Just this once, Toby might be the life of the party. Happy Halloween!