Campus Diversity Insights

Unlock Demographic Data to Target Schools that Support Your DEI Goals

Access key student demographic and diversity info from 2 and 4-year universities in the United States — all in an easy-to-understand, interactive dashboard. Unlock the data every recruiter needs to:  

  • Take a data-driven approach to planning your campus recruitment strategy
  • More easily decide which schools to invest in based on hiring priorities 
  • Better understand campus/diversity results at each school

Analyze IPEDS/Department of Education data

Drill down into a program’s gender, race, and intersectionality data
Compare target schools and discover new opportunities beyond traditional campuses
Don’t miss out on untapped students that fit your hiring needs

Campus planning with peace of mind.

Access all this in the same place you track campus contact info, event info, candidate info, and results — making Yello your one-stop shop for campus planning.

5 years

of trended student
demographic data

Ready to improve your campus DEI strategy with data?