Candidate Engagement

Convert job seekers into high-performing employees by increasing awareness of your employer brand and offering a high-touch experience from introduction to offer. Establish relationships through two-way candidate engagement to showcase your employer brand and the unique opportunities available at your company.

Email campaigns

Increase awareness to develop candidates who can’t wait to learn more about your organization.

  • Connect with job seekers and cultivate candidate relationships through personalized email communications.
  • Encourage candidate engagement with your brand through template-based, fully responsive emails that are simple to build and send.

Text messages

Engage candidates instantly and from anywhere to always keep in touch.

  • Quickly reach candidates on their phones and drive them to submit mobile applications or learn about available opportunities.
  • Provide candidates keywords to text and immediately be directed to a careers page, culture-focused video or talent community.

Attract high-quality talent wherever they are with email and text campaigns

Develop an informed pipeline of candidates who are engaged with your brand and interested in your company

Convert candidates to applicants with automated email campaigns that engage talent at the right time

Campaign management

Reach talent at the right time to stay top-of-mind for the candidate’s next career move.

  • Set-and-forget functionality empowers your team to send targeted content at any cadence to keep candidates engaged with your brand.
  • Leverage a combination of email and text communications to personalize each touchpoint for maximum impact.

Measure success

  • Amplify your employer brand and increase candidate engagement by monitoring campaign performance through open and click rates.
  • Identify highly engaged candidates and those who need additional touches to grow a robust candidate pipeline.
"We bring more than 500,000 candidates into Yello each month, organize them into talent pipelines and send more than one million emails monthly to keep candidates engaged."

– Adam Godson, Cielo

Learn how Yello can help you cultivate candidate engagement through text and email campaigns.