Candidate Evaluations

Quickly advance talent from interview to hire and provide consistent candidate feedback with evaluation management. Leverage automated reminders and mobile-friendly feedback forms to remove obstacles, increase productivity, and get offers out faster.

  • Make hiring decisions faster, preventing feedback delays and candidate dropoff
  • Share feedback from anywhere with mobile-friendly talent evaluation forms
  • Discover high-level trends to improve interviews and create consistent experiences

Ensure candidate feedback loops work quickly with mobile-friendly evaluation forms that let staff provide insights from anywhere.

Simplify interview evaluation forms

Remove obstacles for recruiters and staff with streamlined evaluations and follow-up in one place — making it easy to provide feedback and make better hiring decisions.

  • Mobile-friendly evaluation forms
  • Configurable criteria and questions
  • Assign evaluations to staff
  • Include supplemental materials

Streamline evaluation routing and reminders

Speed up the hiring process with bulk assignments and automated reminders that ensure candidate evaluations — and hiring decisions — are completed promptly.

  • Automated staff reminders
  • Evaluation progress reports
  • Actionable evaluation dashboard
  • Linked to candidate profiles
Streamline evaluation assignments and reminders with Yello to ensure you provide candidate feedback quickly.

Impress top talent


Nearly half of organizations indicate the evaluation stage is the most important impact-point for candidate experience

Source: Brandon Hall Group 2018 Candidate Experience Study

Jeopardizing the Offer: The Dangers of Your Candidate Interview Experience

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Identify interview efficiencies and candidate trends

With complete visibility into program-wide evaluations, identify slow points in the hiring process or high-level candidate data trends to make improvements for the future.

  • Track evaluation progress
  • Maintain digital records
  • Review top candidate trends
  • Support audits and internal needs
Use evaluation management software to track candidate evaluation trends to identify areas of improvements for your interview and sourcing strategies.
"When you're at career fairs and meeting 50 - 60 candidates, it's hard to remember what each of those interactions was like. Having evaluation forms easily available with their resume let's me tie in what my experience was like with that candidate and be able to place them for a specific position."

– Tiffany Smith, J. B. Transport

See how candidate evaluation software simplifies interview candidate feedback for your team.