AI for Recruiting in Early Talent

Bringing Intelligent Automation to Campus Recruiting with SkillsMatch

Unleash the power of intelligent automation by matching new and existing candidates with relevant skills and qualifications to quickly build early talent pipelines. SkillsMatch recommends matches from your Yello CRM to open opportunities and requisitions using intelligent skills taxonomy.

SkillsMatch comes with our events and/or CRM platform as part of Yello’s initiative to be the central hub of early talent recruiting. Yello is there for campus recruiters from a candidate’s hello to first day on the job.

Increase Sourcing ROI
Increase sourcing ROI by leveraging your existing candidate database, including resumes of people you just met at an event, to find matches for new entry-level positions. No effort–past or present–goes to waste!
Save Time Creating Early Talent Pipelines
  • With Yello’s CRM, SkillsMatch can provide top matches for open requisitions or opportunities that you can then select and send to candidate folders in seconds. Those candidate folders can be linked to automated campaigns so each new contact in it will get communications quickly.

  • Early talent recruiters can save time sourcing candidates via skills-matched candidate lists in order to focus more on strategies and less on searching!
Made for Campus Recruiting
  • Early talent recruiting is all about a candidate’s potential and the soft skills they bring with them. SkillsMatch translates positions like “President of Business Fraternity” into skills like “leadership” and it includes any experience (not just titles held for a year)--unlike traditional HR matching tools.

  • SkillsMatch’s “Match Skills Taxonomy” distinguishes more than 13,000 unique skills, encompassing over 250,000 skill synonyms spanning 20+ languages. There are more than 4,500 unique professions available with 150,000 job title synonyms.

SkillsMatch Finds the Potential in Candidates

Yello combines parts of recruitment AI with intelligent automation because we know early talent and its challenges! Yello is one of the few HR software companies that fully focuses on the complexities of early talent recruiting, as our innovative roadmap clearly indicates. SkillsMatch utilizes a comprehensive skills taxonomy, with an early talent focus on extracurriculars, clubs, and internships, rather than traditional work history. AI for experienced professionals cannot work for early talent

Mitigating Bias in Matches

Any matching tool for recruiting AI should always be transparent and avoid bias. SkillsMatch does not show you ranking percentages and delivers the matches in alphabetical order to meet these expectations. It keeps the human in human resources–just speeds up the process!

Don’t Have Open Requisitions or Opportunities Open?

Not a problem! Use the Pipeline Assist feature to quickly fill in the description and send those chosen matches to your folder or email them directly. Doing research and prepping for the next campus recruiting season has never been easier!

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Find quality campus recruiting candidates–whether new or existing from past hiring seasons–quickly to beat your competition from getting to them first! Demo SkillsMatch today by filling out the form above.