Professional Recruiting

Find the perfect candidates with proactive sourcing and engagement tools — plus automated scheduling and workflows to streamline every step of the candidate journey


Candidate acquisition costs have jumped 26% since 2015

Source: Gartner

Can you keep up with the competition?

The talent shortage has intensified competition for top professional talent — and leading brands are spending more to win over candidates. Level the playing field with talent acquisition software designed to personalize and accelerate your hiring process, from start to finish.

Professional Talent Recruitment Software benefits:

Discover and engage professional talent
Elevate your employer brand
Create efficiencies in the hiring process

Sourcing Candidates

Expand your reach to find better-fit candidates — including passive talent and employee referrals — and understand your pipeline to anticipate sourcing needs.

Automatically source candidate information from multiple sources through DAXTRA job boards and LinkedIn integrations.

Resource: Learn How to Improve Your Interview Process

This 10-chapter interview process guide has everything you need to execute, manage, utilize and optimize a successful interview process, including resource guides, real- life examples, step-by-step tutorials, and more. Use this guide however you like, to ensure your talent acquisition team provides the best candidate experience throughout every phase of the interview process.

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Engaging Candidates

Showcase your brand and provide a personalized experience for every candidate throughout the hiring process using a suite of fully-branded candidate engagement tools.

Create engaging email campaigns that tell your story and drive candidate actions more effectively.

Advancing Candidates

In the war for top talent, speed is critical. Use automation and AI-powered tools to quickly advance top candidates to hire — before the competition can.

Manage staff availability to prevent scheduling disasters with interview scheduling software.
"Yello is a recruiting foundation. That's where we source. That's where we pipeline. That's where we do everything that powers our ATS."

– Julie Madsen, Medline

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