Professional Talent

Attract and hire the high-quality talent you need to propel your company forward

Discover and engage professional talent

  • Easily import passive candidates from any job board into a centralized talent pool every recruiter can access.
  • Source previous applicants and final-round candidates to re-engage quality talent for current positions.
  • Enhance collaboration with visibility into every touch point throughout the candidate journey—emails, texts, notes, assessments, reminders, events, interviews and more.

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Elevate your employer brand

  • Elevate brand awareness among professional talent pools through template-based, fully responsive text and email campaigns that are simple to build and send.
  • Enhance the job search experience for every candidate by showcasing your company culture on the career page and guiding talent to the right opportunities through simple searches and job alerts.

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Create efficiencies in the hiring process

  • Reduce back-and-forth communications to match availabilities by enabling professional talent to self-schedule any type of interview.
  • Accelerate the hiring process with candidate evaluation and video interview capabilities in a single platform.

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Measure success

  • Identify which sourcing channels provide the highest quality talent.
  • Gain insight into scheduling volumes, cycle times and overall time-to-hire.
  • Leverage metrics to examine and adjust candidate selection tactics.

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