Recruitment Analytics

With built-in reporting and instant dashboards, Yello helps your team make data-driven decisions and improve your recruitment strategy over time.


71% of companies believe people analytics is an urgent priority

Source: Deloitte Human Capital Trends 2018

Do you have the insights you need to recruit effectively?

With competition for talent at an all-time high, the ability to measure and understand your talent acquisition efforts is more important than ever before. Yello’s reporting tools help your team keep track of key candidate metrics and ultimately make smarter decisions to improve your recruitment strategies.

Recruitment Analytics Software benefits:

Get instant insights
Track candidate trends
Boost ROI
Recruiters can manage all candidate relationships in Yello's CRM with centralized candidate profiles that track all relevant candidate data, recruiter actions and candidate outreach..

Understand key candidate data

With a centralized repository of all candidate information, your team has everything they need to understand the candidate journey — including at-a-glance pipeline dashboards.

  • Pipeline visualization dashboards
  • Comprehensive candidate profiles
  • Tags and folders for organization
  • Source channel tracking

Measure event effectiveness and ROI

Leverage a digital, mobile-first platform to track all candidate interactions and improve visibility into the effectiveness of your team’s hiring event strategies.

  • In-depth event reporting
  • Event expense data
  • Campus snapshot dashboards
  • Staff evaluation tracking
Track key event management metrics to improve your strategy over time and ensure you're seeing ROI from your efforts.

Yello 2019 Recruiting Study: Meet Generation Z

The 2019 Yello Recruiting Study surveys hundreds of candidates to compare Generation Z, Millennials and Generation X. Read the full report to learn how today’s candidates are approaching the tight labor market, what recruitment technology is most important to candidates, and actionable takeaways to help you recruit Gen Z more effectively.

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Put feedback loops to work

Do more with your candidate evaluations by tracking trends over time — and using those insights to improve your interview processes.

  • Data-driven candidate trends
  • Streamlined evaluation forms
  • Automated evaluation reminders
  • Assessment integrations
Candidate evaluation dashboard on monitor, plus mobile-friendly evaluation form for staff on phone.
“With Yello, I have data that I never had before. I know exactly how many candidates we met in the last twelve months, where we met them, how many became applicants and hires.”

– Dylan Schweitzer, Enterprise Holdings

Start making data-driven decisions that drive results.