Recruitment Operations

Build a frictionless talent pipeline, leverage best-in-class workflows and automations, simplify interview scheduling and evaluations, and integrate seamlessly with the rest of your HR tech stack.

Yh Recruitment Ops

Enhance the candidate experience

Drive candidate engagement and application conversion for targeted communications with automated talent pool organization and email campaign automation.

Yh Recruitment Ops Interview Messages

Simplify your tech stack

Unify and easily manage all recruitment marketing and operations in a single platform – customize your toolkit!

Events Central Outlines

Leverage a purpose-built talent CRM

Nurture and grow relationships with candidates, colleges, and other talent partners – let your brand shine!

Yh Recruitment Ops Talent Community

Schedule and conduct complex interviews anywhere

Save time scheduling complex interviews end to end with ATS and calendar integrations that fit your workflow, your process and your organization - not just good enough, best-in-class!

Yh Interview Scheduling
Energy Transfer@2x

“Without automation our interview scheduling was holding us back. It was a very slow process, which caused candidates to drop out and, ultimately, contributed to a poor candidate experience.”

Chris Andersen
Head of Talent, Energy Transfer

Nurture early-career candidates with targeted and personalized campaigns that help you break through the noise and convert candidates to hires.