Virtual Campus Recruiting is Here to Stay

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COVID has changed campus recruiting – forever. According to Yello’s new survey, 2 in 3 recruiters plan to use virtual strategies even after the pandemic is resolved. 

Recruiters also told Yello which virtual tools are most effective. Ready to find out?

This infographic, based on the Yello Virtual Campus Recruiting Benchmark report, shows how recruiters evaluated virtual tools, what students like most, and what you can do – starting now – to enhance your campus strategy with virtual experiences.

Why Virtual Campus Recruiting is Important

Campus recruiting has transformed, marked by the unprecedented growth of Virtual Campus Recruiting—a trend that is proving to be more than just a temporary response to COVID. The Yello Virtual Campus Recruiting Benchmark report shows a staggering 500% increase in virtual campus recruiting compared to before the pandemic. This shift in recruiting strategies is not merely a reactionary move but a recognition of the benefits and efficiency that virtual recruiting strategies bring to the talent acquisition process.

The shift in recruiting strategies are further emphasized by the fact that 77% of campus recruiters have transitioned from traditional in-person approaches to virtual strategies. Virtual campus recruiting is not just a current necessity, but a key component that will persist in the long term. As organizations plan for the future, the commitment to virtual campus recruiting is evident, with two-thirds of recruiters planning to continue using virtual strategies post-pandemic. The data reveals that recruiters are not merely adapting to current challenges but are actively incorporating virtual campus recruiting as a central element in their future recruiting strategies.

Elevating Recruiting Strategies through Virtual Campus Recruiting

In navigating the evolution of recruiting strategies for Virtual Campus Recruiting, these seven strategic steps offer a comprehensive blueprint for success, with Yello serving as your guiding partner every step of the way.

Putting students first is strategic within the framework for early talent recruiting strategies. By making virtual experiences both fun and stress-free, organizations can forge positive connections with candidates. Yello provides the tools and insights to ensure that every virtual interaction leaves a lasting and favorable impression, strategically enhancing the overall candidate journey within your comprehensive recruiting strategies.

From creating captivating video interviewing experiences to extending beyond traditional career fairs with branded webinars and virtual group interviews, empower your organization to diversify its recruiting strategies. Also, expand niche sourcing in areas like STEM and diversity while leveraging technology tools like Yello. Finally, developing a long-term virtual recruiting strategy is not just a recommendation, but a forward-thinking approach that aligns with the evolving landscape of campus recruiting. With Yello, organizations can seamlessly integrate these steps, ensuring a strategic and successful transition into the future of virtual campus recruiting.

Discover the transformative power of virtual campus recruiting with Yello. Seize the opportunity to shape the future of your recruiting strategies with Yello’s tailored solutions. Explore the functionality of our CRM, designed to cater to your virtual campus recruitment strategies, and schedule a demo with us today!