Campus recruiting has become a strategic initiative for succession planning and the role of the campus recruiter has become increasingly important. The skills and tools needed to be successful are also evolving.

As we set to embark on a new decade, and with the jobless rate at a near 49-year low, you’ll need a competitive edge to get ahead of your competition on campus this year. If you’re ready for change and tired of using outdated campus recruiting methods, listen in today to get practical tips, stats and recommendations that will help you drive your 2019 campus recruitment strategy with confidence.

During this one-hour webinar our speakers covered:

  • How/which technology you should be using to successfully connect with top students
  • Tech recruitments trends to be on the lookout for in 2019, 2020 and beyond
  • What to expect in the rapidly changing world of recruiting technology
  • How to offer the candidate experience Gen Z expects
Webinar Speakers

George LaRocque
Founder & Principal Analyst

Jason Weingarten
Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer