When it comes to hiring the best talent, employers need to lure job seekers with more than generous salaries, office snacks or bean bag chairs.

Today’s candidates demand something that can’t be wrapped in a compensation package or detailed in an offer letter: They seek a commitment to diversity and inclusion.
New research finds that two-thirds of employees consider diversity a key factor when considering whether or not to accept an offer. Download this webinar webinar to understand diversity directly from the perspective of job seekers and employees. Jen Meza, Yello’s VP of People, Marcela Sztainberg, VP, Diversity, Inclusion and Talent at Essendant and Angela Howard, Workplace Culture & Talent Strategist at Kaiser Permanente discuss insights to inform diversity and inclusion programs.

Participants walk away with the following:

  • Why diversity and inclusion is critical for both recruitment and retention, with data to back it up
  • The top factors employees consider when evaluating your organization’s diversity commitment
  • Strategies to show current and potential employees that diversity and inclusion is a top priority for your organization

Your candidates and employees are watching closely and making decisions about their future with your company. Download this webinar to ensure your diversity practices are never the reason for a rejected offer or the loss of a top team member. 

Webinar Speakers

Jen Meza
VP of Talent

Marcela Sztainberg
VP, Diversity, Inclusion and Talent

Angela Howard
Workplace Culture & Talent Strategist
Kaiser Permanente