If you’ve used Google Maps to find the best route based on traffic conditions, asked a question to your phone’s smart assistant or listened to a personalized playlist created by a music streaming service, you’ve interacted with artificial intelligence (AI).

As AI begins to change the way we interact with the world, from the way we navigate, how we watch television, to the music we listen to, how can we expect these changes to affect our work and how can we prepare?

According to a recent HR.com survey, one in ten recruitment/HR professionals currently use AI, but nearly half expect to adopt it in their recruitment process within five years. This means the role of AI in the recruitment experience will drastically expand in only a few short years. AI’s place in recruitment and HR is inevitable; instead of wondering, or worse—worrying—about what this will mean, recruiting teams must take steps to understand and embrace it.

Listen as Yello’s Chief Evangelist, Steve Tiufekchiev, Adam Goodman, VP of Technology at Cielo and Shannon Gaydos, Senior Global Talent Strategist at Boeing to explore the future of work and understand AI’s role in the recruitment and hiring process. During this lively one-hour panel discussion among leading technology experts and futurists, gain an uncensored view into the ways AI will transform talent acquisition, and equally important, the ways it won’t.

Viewers will walk away with the following:

  • The top ways AI will impact the recruitment landscape for both candidates and recruiters, with predictions both for tomorrow and ten years from now.
  • The understandings, expectations and preparation essential to ensure a successful and productive adoption of AI technologies.
  • The benefits recruiting teams can expect as a result of AI and steps to address common technology challenges.
Webinar Speakers

Adam Godson
VP of Technology

Steve Tuifekchiev
Chief Evangelist

Shannon Gaydos
Senior Global Talent Strategist