Employee resource groups (ERGs) can be one of a company’s secret weapons.

Discover how Yello—a leading TA software platform – amplifies its principles of gender equity, diversity, and inclusion through ERGs to help support talent pipeline and also contribute to the core values and principles of the company.

Listen in as Jennings Wynn, Yello Pride Co-Chair discusses how you can maximize the effectiveness of your business/employee resource group efforts, including utilizing collaboration among ERGs, executive support and tips to create self sufficient and thriving ERGs.

Viewers walk away with the following:

  • Benefits of launching employee resource groups
  • Steps you can take to start the process of launching your first employee resource group
  • Value employee resource groups bring to the organization
  • And much more!

Your candidates and employees are your greatest assets.  Never let the lack of inclusion or corporate camaraderie be the reason for a rejected offer or the loss of a top team member. 

Webinar Speaker

Jennings Wynn
Senior Customer Success Manager