As recruiting teams around the world adapt to social distancing, video interviewing has become the norm. But for recruiters and coordinators responsible for scheduling interviews, this presents a new challenge: What’s the best way to schedule complex, multi-session or panel-style interviews — both virtual or in-office? How do you improve candidate experience in a virtual interview environment, while prioritizing scheduling efficiency for your team?

To help you make this happen, Yello’s AI-powered Interview Day Scheduling tool now supports built-in Video Interviewing functionality. Plus, we’ve made improvements based on customer feedback to streamline the interview scheduling process even further — scheduling a complex, multi-session interview takes just 60 seconds. Join this session to see Yello’s virtual interview scheduling in action and learn if Interview Day Scheduling is right for your team.


“There is unlimited opportunity for professional growth.” says Mitch

Mitchell Munsell
Director, Strategic Enterprise Sales

Morgan Repovz
Manager, Solutions Consultant