It’s estimated that talent acquisition teams can spend up to 65% of their time on interview scheduling. In a forty-hour work week, that means more than three days are devoted to scheduling alone.

That’s why Yello is excited to announce Interview Day Scheduling, the final piece to our scheduling solution. With this release, Yello infuses artificial intelligence (AI) to finally solve for the complex scheduling logistics associated with interview days.

Listen in as Yello’s Senior Product Marketing Manager Kelly Powers and Product Manager Kelly Upp discuss how you can improve your interview experience and witness firsthand the AI-powered algorithm the software uses to optimize interview scheduling chaos.

Walk away with the answers to the following and more:

  • Why scheduling is a top priority in the talent acquisition world
  • How Yello has solved age-old scheduling challenges
  • Why Yello built Interview Day Scheduling (IDS)
  • The challenges Yello customers faced before the launch of IDS

So stop flipping endlessly back and forth between spreadsheets, calendars and email threads to coordinate an interview. Learn how IDS can help you!

Webinar Speakers

Kelly Powers
Sr. Product Marketing Manager

Kelly Upp
Product Owner