Yello asked more than 500 early talent recruiters how virtual recruiting is going for them this year. Overall, 3 in 4 recruiters agree: virtual campus recruiting is working.

But our study shows that recruiters who see the most positive results use specific tools to help them meet more candidates, while adapting to student needs.

Key findings include:

  • Nearly half of recruiters are meeting more candidates than previous years.
  • Recruiters say video interviews, virtual networking events and webinars/interactive events are the three most important factors to improve the virtual candidate experience.
  • After the pandemic, nearly 2 in 3 recruiters plan to use a mix of virtual and in-person recruiting strategies.

Find out what virtual tools work – and don’t work – for both recruiters and students in today’s virtual environment when you download the Virtual Campus Recruiting Benchmark Report. 

Download the report for valuable insights to help you:

  • Plan your 2021 campus budget
  • Optimize your virtual strategy to expand your reach
  • Rethink your technology tools, with a focus on what works best
  • Understand how you stack up against other companies
  • Build a better experience for candidates and recruiters