With exclusive data from hundreds of industry contributors and Gen Z candidates, the 2024 State of Campus Recruiting Report takes a deep dive into trends in campus recruiting, new insights into the candidate experience, and the best practices to drive your campus recruiting strategy in 2024. 

Download the report for exclusive insights into Gen Z’s approach to job searching, how to deal with uncertainty, how to build an efficient tech stack, and more.

Here’s a few of our favorite highlights:

Overcoming Uncertainty with Data

With shifting goals and uncertainties, recruiters grappled with meeting constantly changing targets amidst fluctuating bandwidth and budgets. Those equipped with accurate and accessible recruiting data gained a significant edge, as leadership turned their focus to recruiting outcomes and the ROI of campus recruitment initiatives. 

Gen Z and The Candidate Experience

A notable gap persists between employers and candidates, leading to challenges in engaging and retaining Gen Z talent. Our candidate survey illuminates the nuanced thought process of Gen Z throughout their job search journey. By exploring their criteria, areas of interest, and post-offer decision-making, you can gain valuable perspectives to enhance your recruitment strategies and foster stronger connections with Gen Z talent.

Building a Strong Employer Brand

While the importance of a strong employer brand is widely acknowledged, many organizations struggle with practical implementation. By establishing a formidable employer brand, companies can distinguish themselves in a competitive landscape, attract top-tier talent, and foster meaningful connections with potential candidates.

Download the report to see more key themes in campus recruiting, exclusive survey data, and action items to help you reach your recruiting outcomes in 2024.