A lack of commitment to diversity and inclusion will cost you, leading to lost candidates and increased employee turnover.

New research makes it clear: Employees want companies to take diversity seriously. They know it will contribute to more satisfied and productive workplaces. To remain competitive, companies can no longer ignore diversity as a critical component of recruitment strategies and workplace programs. Read this new report to find out why. 

54% of employees would consider finding a new job if their employer didn’t demonstrate a commitment to diversity.

Make no mistake: Your diversity commitment will impact your ability to recruit and retain top talent.

  • The vast majority of employees consider diversity a part of the ideal workplace. What do employees think about your company?
  • Candidates plan to ask about workplace diversity directly. Are you prepared to answer their questions?
  • Companies will lose top candidates who don’t see proof of diversity during the interview. How does your interview process stack up?

The time to begin or expand your diversity and inclusion program is now. Read this report for data to inform recruitment and retention strategies, and lead world-class diversity and inclusion initiatives.