Is Your Interview Process Broken?

Do candidates decline your offers? Do new hires lack the right qualities for the role? Do employees leave the organization within the first six months? If the answer is yes, your interview process might be broken.

Research from Brandon Hall Group finds that organizations with strong interviewing strategies and fully-implemented technology are more than twice as likely to make quality hires. Read this report to learn how to repair your broken interview process and hire the top candidates your organization needs.

On average, more than one in ten new hires are considered ‘bad hires’. What is the key to reducing this number? A strong interview process. 

The cost of a bad hire can more than double the cost of the original hire. A strong interview is key to hiring the best-fit candidates.

Read this report to find out why:

  • The interview process, when broken, is the most cited influence on making a bad hire.
  • Transparency has become a must-have as part of the recruitment equation—and how to embrace it.
  • More than half of organizations report technology is critical to streamline the interview-scheduling experience.

To improve quality-of-hire, start by improving your interview process. Download this Brandon Hall Group report to find out how.