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The Rise of AI in Recruitment

61 percent of CEOs do not believe they are recruiting fast enough or well enough, and the process has become enormously complex.*

Can AI step in to solve these challenges? 

This research report debunks common myths about artificial intelligence to reveal exactly how recruiters should expect to incorporate AI into their work—both today and in the future.

“As AI becomes more capable and powerful, HR professionals will not only need to determine what they can do with AI technology, but what they should do with it.”

We know one fact is clear: HR professionals need to invest in expanding their understanding of AI.

This report reveals:

  • While only 10 percent of recruiters are using AI now, nearly half expect to be high users in only five years.
  • HR professionals believe AI will be used more for automation tasks than augmenting capabilities.
  • Asked where AI has the greatest potential to make a difference, talent acquisition ranks second, only behind analytics and metrics.

AI for recruitment is here. Download this report for everything you need to know.


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