While it may seem that video interviewing burst onto the scene with the worldwide pandemic of 2020, the truth is it’s been around a lot longer than that — but functionality and affordability have recently taken a quantum leap in the past year.  

Recruiting using video is here to stay, as employers look for ways to reach more candidates while lowering their interview costs. The technologies used today are robust, proven and adaptable — and can help you enhance the recruitment experience for candidates and the hiring team. Moreover, there is a long list of ways that video interviewing improves the hiring process and removes many of the everyday challenges facing recruiters. 

In this eight-chapter guide, we’ll dive in and explain everything you need to know about video interviewing. That includes: 

  • Common recruiting problems that video interviewing can solve
  • The advantages of video interviews for recruiters and candidates
  • Best practices for live and pre-recorded video interviews
  • Case studies and results from real recruiters