Sourcing Candidates

Take control of candidate discovery to reach a wider, more qualified talent pool. Lead a powerful sourcing strategy to spend less time sourcing candidates between databases and more time hiring the top talent who will advance your business.

Job board sourcing

Identify talent faster by reviewing qualified talent from all over the web in a single location.

  • Easily import candidates from any job board into a centralized talent pool every recruiter can access.
  • Set searches to scan job boards and automatically add qualified candidates to your pipeline.
  • Import individual candidate profiles from LinkedIn directly into your talent pool to engage these candidates for future roles.

Talent communities

Be prepared for your next great hire, even before the role is available, by discovering top candidates pre-application.

  • ​Leverage branded talent communities to capture candidates through events, job boards and advertising efforts.
  • Collect the candidate information you need to tailor effective marketing and engagement campaigns.

Eliminate siloed sourcing efforts to foster team collaboration and informed candidate conversations

Automate sourcing efforts to identify talent faster

Maximize your existing talent pool by engaging past applicants and candidates

Talent rediscovery

Convert a former candidate into your next top employee by uncovering talent lost in your pipeline.

  • Source previous applicants and final-round candidates to find high-quality talent for current positions.
  • Through ATS integration, discover—and rediscover—top talent in a single database.
  • Connect top talent with the right opportunities by sharing talent pools across business lines and regions.

Measure success

  • Maximize sourcing performance by understanding which channels perform best and dedicating resources to these high-performing talent sources.
  • Gain a real-time view of talent pipeline strength and recruiter engagement to pivot sourcing strategies by role and always hire quality candidates on deadline.
  • Decrease time-to-hire by leveraging proactive talent pipelines to tap when the next position opens.
"Our talent community has 2.3 million candidates and all of this has been enabled through our partnership with Yello."

– Joe Shigo, Johnson & Johnson

Sourcing candidates efficiently is key to building a competitive talent pipeline. Identify top talent faster with Yello.