RippleMatch vs. Yello & WayUp

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Outlines Wayup

With the largest talent pool of self-identified diverse candidates, the WayUp candidate database can fill your pipeline with the talent you need to support your DEI goals — even without logging in. Plus, it works seamlessly with Yello: the only solution purpose-built for campus recruitment events.

Expand Your Reach

Automatically source from 7+ million diverse, qualified candidates from the WayUp candidate database.

Send Messages at Scale

Message 10x more candidates at once with powerful and scalable campaigns.

Advanced Events

Mobile app, Zoom/Teams integration, interview scheduling, custom evaluations and more.

Feature Comparison: Yello vs. RippleMatch

As a Ripplematch alternative, Yello and the WayUp candidate database are leading the evolution of hybrid recruitment – marrying the best in-person events platform with the leading virtual diversity recruiting platform purpose-built for early career hiring.

Looking for creative ways to find candidates and take your diversity recruiting strategies to the next level? Yello partners with employers to build a comprehensive plan for diversity focused recruitment, creating the best candidate experience at in-person recruiting conferences and leveraging virtual DEI sourcing strategies to fill their pipelines with qualified and diverse early career candidates.

Yello & WayUp

Yello has diversity insights, plus ROI metrics, event marketing, and a CRM.

  • 7M+ candidate pool
  • Message up to 25K candidates
  • Zoom/Teams integration for events
  • Interview scheduling at events
  • Customizable evaluation forms
  • Online or offline candidate check-in
  • Recruiter mobile app
  • Dedicated Integrations Support Team


RippleMatch covers candidates, but lacks comprehensive sourcing and event management.

  • Automated sourcing
  • Virtual recruiting events
  • ATS integrations

7M+ candidate pool

Automated sourcing

Message up to 25K candidates

Virtual recruiting events

Zoom/Teams integration for events

Interview scheduling at events

Customizable evaluation forms

Online or offline candidate check-in

Recruiter mobile app

ATS integrations

Dedicated Integrations Support Team

Sourcing diverse talent goes beyond HBCU recruiting. Expand your recruiting reach to include WayUp’s database of 7 million candidates and establish your employer brand amongst Gen-Z candidates with strategic recruitment events, automated sourcing, and industry-leading DEI analytics to help you consistently improve.

Why companies choose Yello and WayUp over RippleMatch

While RippleMatch can be a great supplement to a larger DEI or early talent acquisition strategy, WayUp and Yello are market-leading early talent tools that empower recruiters who are serious about DEI to source and engage diverse candidates at scale.

Wayup Message

Embracing the power of technology with candidate matching and AI

Innovative candidate-matching technology coordinates with your target candidate profile and diversity goals to source the most qualified candidates. Leveraging automation results in filling your candidate pool with top, diverse, and qualified candidates that meet your requirements. Think of this as the perfect compliment to your sourcing — an algorithm that’s constantly working in the background for your team.

Hit Diversity Goals Faster with WayUp & Yello

With 7M+ qualified, diverse candidates in WayUp, you’ll be able to reach more underrepresented candidates — at more schools — than in Ripplematch.

In RippleMatch, candidates can’t see your opportunities unless they’re a match for that specific job. The problem is that AI can be biased or skip over candidates with non-traditional experience that could actually be qualified — especially for early-career roles where that experience is transferable. In WayUp, any candidate can find your role via search and there are automatic screening questions to ensure only qualified candidates move forward.

Automated concierge sourcing promotes your opportunities to your target audience, surfacing the right candidates for your roles. With concierge, you can achieve quick and ongoing recruiting success without more work. WayUp’s experienced candidate marketing team is dedicated to growing and engaging the candidate database so you get the right applicants at the right time.

With RippleMatch, you can only message 250 candidates at once. In WayUp you can message 10x more at once — up to 25,000 candidates at a time.

Unlike Yello, RippleMatch doesn’t integrate with Zoom & Microsoft Teams for virtual events. That means attendance is not tracked automatically — and recruiters must enter it one-by-one after every event. Yello integrates with both platforms, helping you save time and collect accurate information.

Yello offers Event Scheduling to support interview events (like on-campus interviews, coffee chats, and more) with back-to-back time slots. These interview events are critical for moving early-stage candidates down the pipeline — and without built-in functionality, your team may have to do manual work to build a similar event-specific interview process.

While RippleMatch only allows you to give candidates a thumbs up or down, Yello evaluation forms are completely customizable to capture any information you’ll need.

Campus and diversity recruitment are so much more than just executing events. To truly be successful you need to build relationships with schools and orgs — and be able to track results and candidate demographics year to year to continue to improve your strategy. Yello offers Campus Profiles to track key campus contacts and details, as well as built-in student demographic reporting to help you find campuses that support your recruitment goals.

Candidates on WayUp self-report their information, so it’s 100% OFCCP and EEOC compliant. Yello also supports compliance and privacy best practices, so you can focus on sourcing and recruiting quality candidates.

As a Yello customer, you’ll have access to a dedicated team of support and success professionals. From ATS integrations to implementations and business reviews, our team’s expertise in DEI and early talent recruitment will help you achieve goals and work more effectively.

The Yello Pledge

Yello Pledge Badge (1)

The Yello Pledge represents our commitment to go above and beyond to support our customers’ success. We firmly believe that customer and candidate success is our success, and we promise to always treat you with honesty and respect.

Certainty on Renewal Pricing

We will never 2X your renewal price. Instead, we will contractually commit to any annual pricing changes so you will always have transparency.

Unrestricted access to engaged candidates

We will never monopolize access to candidates or dictate how you interact with schools. And all candidates we share with you will be engaged in our platform.

Focused on your success

We will never use our financial targets to dictate our relationship with you. Regardless of what Yello solution you use, you deserve to succeed, not just be upsold.

You dictate process, not us

We will never force you to use a specific feature or process that hinders your success or misleads candidates.

Yello and the WayUp Candidate Database

WayUp’s industry-leading diversity sourcing solution is now part of the Yello family. Together, WayUp and Yello are transforming early talent recruitment with continuous diversity sourcing, best-in-class events technology, and the functionality you need to build your employer brand, make meaningful connections with candidates, and help your recruiters love their work.

Yello and WayUp are laser-focused on early talent and investing in the right technology is more important than ever. Automated concierge sourcing makes adjustments to candidate targeting to ensure you meet your goals consistently and surfaces outreach to the right candidates at the right time.

When you put on a Virtual Info Session you inevitably end up thinking: how can I make sure the right people sign up? And how can I make sure the people actually show up?

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Yello & WayUp Grow With You

Empower your recruiting team to source and engage diverse candidates at scale through Yello.

Source candidates

  • WayUp DEI database
  • Campus events – virtual & physical
  • Career fairs – virtual & physical
  • Talent communities
  • Referrals platform
  • ATS applicant integration
  • LinkedIn profile imports
  • Branded job boards
  • Social media, career site & web links

Attract candidates

  • CRM
  • Career fairs
  • Info sessions
  • Webinars
  • Virtual video chats
  • Personalized emails & text campaigns

Interview and evaluate

  • Scheduling automation
  • On-campus interviews
  • Pre-recorded video interviews
  • Live video interviews
  • Phone screens
  • Complex interview management
  • Candidate evaluations

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