I’m a firm believer in the importance of transparency. Transparency with the Yello team. Transparency with our board of directors. Transparency with our clients. It is a key part of our culture and something we work hard to maintain; it gives everyone a sense of ownership and ultimately creates a happier workplace.

 2016: The Year of Transparency

Transparency, is thankfully, finding its way into the recruiting industry. Organizations are moving away from the days of one-way communication and the “black hole” application process, to proactively engaging candidates while promoting employer and consumer brands. But there is so much more to be done!

Job seekers, specifically Millennials, aren’t waiting around for companies to provide them with insight into the people, culture and perks; they are seeking it out themselves. The job market continues to be more competitive than ever, so in 2016, I challenge recruiters to fully embrace recruiting transparency and make it an integral part of your your company’s hiring mission.

Download my guide, 2016: The Year of Transparency, to achieve talent acquisition success by setting transparent goals, creating a transparent candidate experience and adopting transparent authenticity.

You’ll learn:

  • Why companies that lack transparency in their recruitment processes will not win top talent
  • Why talent acquisition teams should follow the lead of customer support teams
  • How to highlight your best asset, your employees, in your recruitment strategy

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Here’s to 2016 being your best, most transparent year yet!