Candidate Sourcing Has A New Name At Yello

In 2021, Yello acquired WayUp to expand our offerings and enable our customers to not only find qualified and diverse early-career candidates outside the recruitment events during the school year but also meet their DEI goals. Because Yello partners with employers that are dedicated to hiring early talent, we strive to support every stage of the early talent journey for both employers and candidates. Now we’re excited to share the next stage of Yello’s growth: the transition from WayUp for Employers to Yello Sourcing!

What Is Yello Sourcing?

Yello Sourcing is still the product you’ve loved—the leading solution for helping early talent teams like yours fill your pipeline with qualified and diverse students and recent graduates. We’re laser-focused on early talent, with expertise in engaging and converting candidates with zero to five years of experience that are searching for an internship or their first job after school. With WayUp and now Yello Sourcing, employers can: 

  • Meet DEI goals with candidate self-reported ethnicity/race/genders and more collected in WayUp.
  • Save money and improve your overall ROI by sourcing students virtually 
  • Efficiently re-engage with past candidates to fill new roles.
  • Boost efficiency in sourcing by filtering candidates by major, location, campus, graduation, gender, ethnicity, & more
  • And so much more!

Who Can Use Yello Sourcing?

Employers of all sizes and across all industries use Yello Sourcing to engage with qualified and diverse candidates across the United States.

Here’s what you need to know:

  • WayUp’s mission to help employers find qualified and diverse candidates remains the same, and we’re focused on helping you meet your DEI goals with Yello Sourcing.
  • The WayUp brand and experience will not change for students and recent graduates. WayUp is one of the top ways students find and apply for jobs, and it’s important to us to protect this experience and continue to help students succeed.
  • We are not rolling out any immediate changes to the Yello or WayUp products. Our team is working hard to unify your experience between Yello and WayUp. Stay tuned for more news on this later in 2023.

This next chapter in Yello’s journey will be fueled by our dedication to powering efficient and equitable hiring for all early career candidates and recruiters. 

Ready to kick your early talent hiring into gear?

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