Banks text payment reminders, restaurants text when a table is ready and retailers send coupons through text message. As a recruiter, do you text with job candidates? If not, you’re missing an opportunity to instantly capture the attention of top talent. Read on for six ways to attract and engage candidates through text recruiting.

Text Your Talent Community

Engaging your passive talent pipeline through relevant email content is a best practice to stay top-of-mind with candidates. With hundreds of emails daily, how do you stand out in the candidate’s inbox?

Don’t let your content get buried in email—connect with top talent via text recruiting.

Leverage text campaigns to send your talent community links to employee-testimonial videos, exciting open positions, company updates and more. Through texting recruiting, increase the likelihood this content will be opened and viewed—not lost in an email inbox.

Text to Drive Qualified Candidates

Did you meet several candidates at a networking event who would be perfect for hard-to-fill roles? Hand out business cards with a short code to text and instantly drive top talent to a mobile application.

Prevent in-demand candidates from postponing the application until they’re in front of a computer or dropping off due to a difficult apply process. Empower top talent to click into a text and apply from a mobile device, wherever they are. With a few clicks and streamlined text fields, recruiters receive the application in seconds to begin advancing candidates through the hiring process.

Post-application, differentiate the candidate experience by leveraging text campaigns to advance applicants through the recruitment pipeline. Reassure talent by thanking them for applying and communicate frequent updates throughout the hiring experience to keep job seekers engaged.

Text to Schedule Interviews Instantly

Reduce time to schedule an interview from days to seconds by eliminating back-and-forth emails or days of phone tag.

Schedule candidate interviews or phone screens in real-time by texting a link to self-schedule. Through self-service scheduling, reduce time-to-fill by bringing top talent to the office faster and improve the candidate experience by providing the power to instantly schedule interviews from a phone.

Continue to engage through text recruiting by sending a confirmation message with interview time and location details, tips to prepare for the interview and day-of guidance on where to park or how to dress. Cultivate highly engaged candidates by texting from introduction through offer.

Text to Maximize Advertising

Texting is a powerful way to interact with groups, like retail or restaurant employees, who don’t spend the workday behind a desk. Build awareness of open opportunities by incorporating a text keyword in storefront signage, social media posts or business cards. Drive talent to text this keyword for information on job opportunities. Instantly generate a pipeline of talent by directing these candidates to a job application or talent community form.

Text to Grow Your Career Fair Pipeline

A line of job seekers at your career fair booth can be unavoidable, but what if the perfect candidate drops out of line to visit a competing employer? Leverage texting to connect with top talent, even if they don’t meet a recruiter at the event. Display a keyword on event-booth signage candidates text to upload their resume and share interest in open positions. Make the most of your time at the career fair by pipelining top talent—even if long lines prevent a face-to-face meeting.

Text to Measure Engagement

Maximize text recruiting efforts with a clear understanding of candidate engagement. Use recruiting software to track key metrics throughout the candidate journey, including which text campaigns drive the most activity, which types of content convert candidates to applicants and what ads, signage or social posts perform best. Use these metrics to develop a targeted, successful text recruiting strategy that grows your talent pipeline and engages top talent.