Recruiting coordinators can and should serve as gracious ambassadors of your company’s recruitment brand, but they’re often so burdened by the task of managing candidate interviews that such work becomes impossible. Instead, they become scheduling assistants charged with coordinating the various challenges of getting a busy group of people in a room. The process of scheduling complex, daylong interviews with the talented, in-demand candidates you hope to acquire and the busy professionals already on your team is massively time-consuming and resource-intensive.

Fortunately, change is almost here. Yello’s new Interview Day Scheduling software—available February 2019—will let your recruiting coordinators reclaim hours of work time so they can focus their considerable talent on higher-order, valuable work. Instead of juggling ATS entries along with different calendars, emails, spreadsheets, Slack messages, and—gasp—paper notes and memos—your coordinators can work with a single tool that handles everything automatically.

Watch this video for a sneak preview of Interview Day Scheduling.

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Here’s how Interview Day Scheduling works:

  1. At the requisition level, interview templates establish pre-defined interview criteria that make managing interview teams and dealing with slot preferences much easier.
  2. A proprietary interview-matching algorithm automatically serves an array of optimized interview times that accounts for the best availability for everyone involved (and yes, it works in even the most complex of interview scenarios).
  3. Real-time syncing with Google and Outlook 365 reserves the appropriate space within your office to conduct interviews.
  4. Once interview place and time possibilities have been determined, candidate self-scheduling gives candidates the ability to choose among the options that best meet their needs.
  5. To keep everyone on the same page, automated communications are pushed to candidates and interviewers, so calendar holds and interview agendas never get lost in the mix.
  6. Because Interview Day Scheduling provides a single, centralized hub for all scheduling activity, recruiting coordinators can sort and filter to easily find the status of a given interview and take action if anything seems amiss.
  7. If something comes up along the way in terms of unexpected conflicts, the software will suggest next steps, whether rescheduling or changing members of the interview team.

Interview Day Scheduling launches February 2019. To learn more about how Interview Day Scheduling can optimize your workflow, enhance your candidate experience, and reduce your time to fill, watch our video or contact our team to arrange a demo.