Despite technology driving much of job seekers’ company research, recruiters still play a key role in the hiring process. More than three in five 2016 Yello Recruitment Study respondents indicated a recruiter impacted their final decision to accept a job. In an age where recruiting software makes the hiring process more efficient and automated, recruiters still serve as a trusted guide keeping potential employees updated and well-informed during every step of the process. As a leader, your challenge is not only finding the top candidates for your open positions, but also finding the top recruiters for your department. Below are the top five qualities to look for in potential recruiters when building your talent acquisition department.

1. Sense of urgency

Recruiters need to have an inherent understanding of the importance of speed throughout the interview process. They should feel comfortable working closely with hiring managers across all levels, setting deadlines and ensuring the interview process adheres to those deadlines. New team members should know what makes a top candidate for your company and how to identify those candidates and establish contact immediately. Additionally, work with your team to set response times for candidate inquiries.

2. Transparency

Whether they are delivering positive or negative news, new recruiters should understand the critical role that transparency and timely communication play in the recruitment process — both with internal and external audiences. If there is a delay in bringing candidates in for a second-round interview, the recruiter should let the candidate know as soon as possible. If the candidate pipeline for a specific role is sparse, the recruiter should meet with the hiring manager to brainstorm title or job description edits.

3. Genuine interest in connecting

As you know, recruiting is not simply matching a number to a job posting. New recruiters should have an inherent interest in connecting others, uncovering common interests and cultivating a pay-it-forward mindset.

4. Confidence

Recruiters are often the first point of contact with your organization. If candidates sense your recruiters lack confidence, it may lead to a mistrust of the company. As a leader, it is important to identify recruiters who are (or have the potential to be) poised and outspoken advocates for both the company and jobs they are filling. You may need to coach some new recruiters on how to fake-it-till-you-make-it, while others may possess the skill naturally. Regardless, hiring recruiters who are equally as comfortable interviewing entry-level candidates, as they are senior-level leaders, is key to building a strong talent team.

5. Listening skills

Listening is a carefully honed skill, and arguably the most important skill in a great recruiter. Your team needs to be able to listen to beyond what candidates are verbally communicating and hear what a candidate isn’t saying – picking up on key nonverbal cues, as well. These cues provide a segue into the information that can ultimately make or break a candidate’s success with your company.

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