Dan Bartfield
Yello Co-Founder

For those who know me, I am not one that takes time to reflect on the past. As an entrepreneur, I focus on the now…the present moment. But today is different. Today is a day that I will always look back and reflect on. Today marks a major milestone for Yello, our employees, and our customers.

Today….we announce that WayUp is joining the Yello family. As a leader in DEI sourcing, this is a very exciting addition to all we do here at Yello, what we stand for.

Yello is all about helping recruiters do their jobs more effectively. Recruiters are the reason behind everything we’ve ever done — from launching the first-ever mobile recruiting app to building virtual tools during COVID. It’s all to make recruiters’ jobs a little easier and take away the busy administration work so they can focus on what really matters: People. People matter. 

Presently, hundreds of companies use Yello to power their recruiting. Now, with the power of putting two solutions like Yello and WayUp together, we get to help and support recruiters in new ways:

  • Centralize recruiter activity as a one-stop-shop informational resource
  • Provide added support for customer DEI initiatives
  • Create opportunity to expand reach beyond core schools

Diversity has always played an important role in campus recruiting. And now, more than ever, there is a need for continued enhancement of our resources. Diversity is the #1 reason why our customers recruit on campus. Our customers have always used Yello to recruit diverse candidates — and I look forward to the growth we are able to provide in this new chapter. Our partnership with WayUp could not have come at a better time. Together, we can create an even bigger impact with tools and technology that will continue to increase the quality of our customer experience.

The goal remains the same: It is about the people. Together, with WayUp, the opportunity is endless…

On a personal level, I feel lucky to be able to work with the WayUp team. I’ve known co-founders Liz and JJ for years, and I’ve enjoyed keeping up with their incredible successes. I am confident that with this amazing partnership, their team will help us build upon our foundation, and continue to do so with added innovation and collaboration in the years ahead.

I would also like to thank the Yello customers that have supported us along the way, as well as our CEO Corey, my co-founder Jason, and the rest of the Yello team for all the hard work they’ve put in since day one. Yello would not be where it is without any of you. You should all be proud of the amazing accomplishments and it is you who helped get us to where we are today.

I think it can be hard to celebrate wins like this, because I know that we can always go further. I’m proud of all we’ve done in the past 13 years — but the future’s looking even better. Today is a day that I will always reflect on, as it marks a chapter of a new Yello, a powerful partnership, an incredible team, and a look toward a future of continued success.