One of the most valuable recruitment tools is a company’s office space. Even if you don’t have the ability to impact your office’s design, furniture selection or layout, there are tweaks you can implement and key features you can highlight to impact a candidate’s view of what the space offers. Collaborate with your leadership, technology team or office manager to implement several or all of these updates to attract and win top talent.

  1. Host events: Volunteer to host industry or business line specific networking events in your space to give potential candidates and industry colleagues insight into what makes your space great. Include an office tour in the event agenda, so your guests have an opportunity to see the features that make your office unique. These guests may become future employees, or refer high potential candidates.
  2. Cancel the noise: If your office is mostly open concept, you may not have the ability to build more closed door offices but you can provide employees with a relatively low-cost alternative: noise canceling headphones. If your company values the collaboration benefits of an open space, consider including noise canceling headphones in new hire kits so employees can tune out noise when they need to get into the zone. Explain to candidates that the open area is an important part of your culture, but also understands the importance of providing alternatives when they need to concentrate.
  3. Decorate with your mission: Incorporate your mission, vision, core values and goals throughout your space. Turn these statements into branded artwork, and hang them throughout the office. When candidates come for an interview, they can see how your company’s guiding messages permeate throughout the culture, and also gain added insight into what makes your company unique.
  4. Warm first impression: Your front desk area is a visitor’s first point of in-person contact with your company. Create a welcoming and calming space for nervous interviewees.  Work with your receptionist to ensure every candidate’s coat is hung up, is shown where the restroom is and is offered a glass of water. Additionally, keep company accolades, media mentions, product information and leadership information easily available for candidates to read. Consider keeping a tablet that pre-filled with this information so candidates can view all the information in one place.
  5. White-glove experience: From top clients to entry-level candidates, consider everyone who enters your office a VIP. If someone on the interview team is tied up in a meeting or has a last-minute delay, don’t keep candidates waiting. Take them on an office tour, introduce them to to other team members or take a break with them for a quick bite. If a candidate’s interview schedule spans a long period of time, provide them with a snack, water and the guest Wi-Fi password.
  6. Remote technology: Moving into the corner office is no longer the ultimate career aspiration. Remote work arrangements or flexible hours are more coveted by job seekers. Highlight your company’s preferred technology that enables employees to work and collaborate remotely, such as laptops, tablets, as well as your collaboration systems like Google Hangouts, Google Docs, Evernote or Dropbox subscriptions.
  7. Wellness resources: Even if you don’t have an an official in-office yoga space or workout room, create a wellness program that offers employees the same types of benefits. Consider company subsidized wearable technology, healthy food alternatives, and an encouraged daily meditation break, using apps such as Calm or Headspace. These are all perks that often carry more value to job seekers than traditional benefits.

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