The statistics don’t lie: A Pew Research Study found that 79 percent of all job candidates used social media on their last job search. It’s not just a one time thing either: An Informate Intelligence Report says that Americans are spending 4.7 hours per day on their phone checking social media. As a recruiter, it’s important to find innovative ways pique candidates’ interest on the social channels they already use. Here are six ways to better engage your candidates on social media.

1. Make a “day-in-the-life” video.

Let your employees take creativity in their own hands and create a real-time story about life at the company. Prep them to interview co-workers on camera about their specific jobs and company culture, or use Periscope or another streaming service to keep a video playing as they perform their day-to-day tasks. Remember to keep it short – if it goes over a few minutes, you could lose some interested candidates in the process.

2. Let an employee do a “Twitter Takeover” Q&A.

Tell your company’s story by letting an employee take over your career-focused Twitter account. Candidates want answers about your company, and this format allows them to connect immediately and receive open, honest answers from someone who might end up being their future boss or co-worker. Prior to the Twitter chat, provide the employee with pre-approved talking points, to ensure he or she is sharing the right message and speaking compliantly. Include a company focused hashtag so potential candidates can review the chat in the future.

3. Capture company photos on Instagram

. Use Instagram to offer candidates a behind-the-scenes look at the cool activities or projects your company is working on. Show off your office’s scenic location, or post insider footage of a non-confidential meeting or brainstorm session. Get creative; if there are particular candidates who engage with you often, mention them in posts to get other candidates excited about engaging with your company.

4. Go-live at an event with Snapchat.

During company-related events, such as a conferences or trade shows, or when performing community service work, use Snapchat to give potential talent an inside look at what you’re company is doing. Film the 10-second videos at various places and times during the event. For those candidates engage with you often, send them a Snapchat photo with the caption “Wish you were here!”.

5. Cultivate community by responding to inquiries on social media.

Help candidates find out information on their job status, or learn more about your products, by responding to their inquiries on social media. When a candidate asks a question, or a former employee posts a review, be ready to respond to the information within 24 hours. Invite your candidates to engage with you in different markets by posting fun questions like “what’s your favorite lunchtime spot in (X)?”

6. Be a thought leader by posting relevant industry articles.

You can post your career opportunities all day on social media, but if a candidate doesn’t view you as an industry thought leader, they won’t apply to your jobs. Use social media to share recent trends in your industry that might interest candidates. Engage with influencers in your industry and build relationships to encourage them to retweet your posts, and share your company blogs on their social media channels. Candidates will take note of your thought leadership and start engaging with you on social media.

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Author: Adam Rosenfield, a writer with a background in human resources and talent acquisition in the construction, medical, blogging and start-up industries.