Summer flies by quickly. If you’re worried about balancing your much needed summer vacation with a growing stack of resumes and open positions that need your attention, turn to your smartphone. Download a few key apps prior to your vacation departure, and benefit from a personal assistant and mobile office, all accessible in the palm of your hand. Here are six apps to help you work efficiently while on vacation, so you can still unplug and relax.

  1. WhatsApp (Free, iPhone/Android). If you need to stay connected to your team during your vacation, download the messaging app to create group chats that avoid international SMS charges, save offline messages, and keep you logged in so you don’t miss any important conversations. WhatsApp will also allow you to make calls using your phone’s Internet connection, rather than your cellular plan’s voice minutes.
  2. Yello Mobile Recruiting Apps (Pricing varies, iPhone/Android). Access all candidate data – online and offline – while you are out of the office, with Yello Mobile Recruiting Apps. Use these powerful tools to recruit from anywhere, access relevant candidate information and benefit from real-time candidate communication. Yello Mobile Recruiting Apps also allow you to schedule interviews and communicate regarding a candidate’s status in the interview process.
  3. Viber (Free, iPhone/Android). If your summer vacation is overseas or in a remote destination, the Viber app can facilitate easy communication and help you stay in touch. Viber will allow you to communicate via text and will let you conduct HD-quality video calls and send images (such as a resume) to one or more Viber users at the same time.
  4. Asana (Free, iPhone/Android). It’s likely you are constantly juggling several projects and open opportunities at once, so how can you manage them all when you are away? The Asana app is a project management tool that will allow you to share relevant content from your mobile device, in addition to creating tasks, assigning new projects and managing your team.
  5. Wifi Mapper (Free, iPhone/Android). WifiMapper maps more than 500 million hotspots worldwide, including more than two million free hotspots. The app also includes reviews of the various hotspots, including the type of venue the hotspot is in, and if a password is required. Use this app to stay connected and save on roaming charges in every major city in the world.
  6. Google Drive (Free, iPhone/Android). Don’t miss out on documents that require your review or collaboration. Download Google Drive to access every document, spreadsheet or presentation, directly on your phone. The collaboration features allow you to make comments or edits, without downloading any large files. If you’re in a location with a faulty Internet connection, Google Drive’s ability to automatically backup your files will ensure you don’t lose any of your work.

Looking to stay connected while you’re on summer vacation? Learn how our recruiting software can keep you in the loop.