What sets us apart is our experienced candidate marketing team that is dedicated to growing and engaging our candidate database so you get the right applicants at the right time. 

One of the best things about automated concierge sourcing with Yello Sourcing is that it works – no matter the size of your organization or your industry. Here’s how: recruiters collaborate closely with their Yello Customer Success Manager (CSM) to identify the roles where they’d like additional volume of candidates and/or roles where they have specific top-of-funnel diversity goals. Recruiters can then share the ideal candidate profile for their roles, including education background, work experience, and self reported demographics, including gender, race, ethnicity, and more all captured in an EEOC and OFCCP-compliant fashion. 

Yello Sourcing’s proprietary tool finds candidates who meet the criteria, qualifications, and background defined by your recruiting team and engages with them on your behalf, encouraging them to apply for the high-priority early-career roles within your organization. Additionally, concierge sourcing drives results for many different types of early-career roles, from co-ops and internships, to full-time opportunities, to even driving registrants to recruiting events. Ninety-four percent of Yello Sourcing customers leverage automated concierge sourcing to hit their early-career and DEI sourcing goals. Read on to learn more about some real-life use cases of concierge sourcing in different industries. 

Health & Pharmaceuticals

A global biopharmaceutical company leverages automated concierge sourcing to efficiently expand their recruiting reach. While the campus recruiting team at this organization sources for many of their roles themselves, they find that tagging in the concierge team helps them gain more traction and a fresh influx of candidates when applicant flow has plateaued for key roles. This team has seen success both when sourcing with volume goals in mind and when seeking a more targeted candidate profile. Their success speaks to the range of applications for concierge sourcing, including finding candidates for co-op roles, internships, STEM roles, and more.

One of the most important things all customers consider when weighing the benefits of automated concierge sourcing (or any sourcing strategy) is candidate quality. A sourcing tool is not effective if it’s not bringing qualified and engaged candidates into your pipeline. Digital screening functionality, based on customizable knockout questions, ensured that this recruiting team only reviewed candidates that met their basic requirements. As a result of leveraging automated concierge sourcing, this recruiting team saw success hiring more diverse applicants from their concierge sourcing pipeline. 

Consulting & Professional Services

Yello Sourcing’s automated concierge sourcing tool can also solve the challenges companies face when driving engagement to their virtual recruiting events in addition to sourcing for their open roles.  A multinational engineering consulting firm based in the United Kingdom successfully partners with our sourcing team currently doing just this to achieve unprecedented results.  As a part of their core early-career hiring efforts, they host recruiting events like Market Spotlights, DEI Groups, and “Day In a Life” to increase their employer brand awareness in the United States. Attracting qualified students and recent grads to virtual events is crucial to converting the right talent into job applicants – a core aspect of a successful DEI sourcing strategy. Automated concierge sourcing helped this organization achieve their objectives without adding more to an already full recruiter workload. 

The same company was able to find success in sourcing niche and hard-to-fill roles using automated concierge sourcing.  Leveraging this service to find candidates for hard-to-fill roles (like highly specialized engineering majors) has saved the recruiting team hundreds of hours, enabling them to focus on connecting with candidates. Automated concierge sourcing enables employers to have a broad reach, finding current graduate students and undergrads, as well as recently graduated college students, depending on the company’s needs. Through the partnership, the tool has yielded 700 applications and counting. 


While some organizations use automated concierge sourcing to expand their recruiting reach, and some successfully drive registrants to their virtual recruiting events, other organizations rely on concierge sourcing to increase the volume of diverse candidates in the top of the recruiting funnel.  

A technology services organization dedicated to customer experience relies heavily on concierge sourcing to achieve their diversity goals and to drive candidate volume for their two early career leadership programs. This organization partnered with the Yello Sourcing team to share the specific candidate profile they were seeking – ethnically diverse (Black, Hispanic, or Mixed Race) students graduating in 2022 or 2023.  To illustrate how automated concierge sourcing can help you meet your unique DEI goals, here’s an example of the goals this team set forth.

  • 80% Non-white (focused on Black, Hispanic, Two or more races male candidates)
  • 20% Hispanic candidates at the top of funnel
  • 20% of applicants are Female STEM
  • 20% Black candidates at the top of funnel

Yello Sourcing’s team applied this organization’s target criteria with our deep knowledge of early-career candidate behavior to promote their opportunities to their target candidates.

Additionally, many organizations like this one are leveraging a combination of automated concierge sourcing and recruiter messaging to find diverse candidates for their internship programs and entry-level roles. Recruiting teams that have the capacity and desire to do both can see even greater results, and one of the great things about concierge sourcing is the ability to seamlessly integrate it with other sourcing tactics. 


While some organizations successfully leverage automated concierge sourcing alongside recruiter-driven campaigns within Yello Sourcing, others find that they struggle with time and resources needed to strategically source. If this sounds like your situation, knowing that automated concierge sourcing is a proven sourcing method can ease the burden on your team. One innovative American fintech firm sees significant success without even logging into the Yello Sourcing platform to source themselves. Applicants are driven to their roles through automated concierge sourcing efforts and organic traffic, resulting in time savings for the recruiting team. Currently, they are focusing on diverse candidates graduating before 2022, and in some scenarios, in specific locations like Jacksonville, FL. In 2021 and 2022, concierge sourcing drove double-digit hires without their team lifting a finger. 

This organization’s close partnership with the Yello customer success team further supports their success. At monthly check-ins, the team reviews the firm’s goals and challenges and strategizes how to maximize the time-saving benefits of the concierge sourcing tool. In the three years of our partnership, they have only had to send less than 1% of the sourcing messages sent from the Yello Sourcing platform, so their recruiters can focus on the bigger picture. 

In fact, all Yello Sourcing customers benefit from a consultative relationship with our customer success team to ensure you can and will meet their early-career and diversity sourcing goals. At Yello Sourcing, we are proud to act as a true extension of both your recruiting team and organization as whole.

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