The WayUp Candidate (or B2C) Marketing team is the engine driving candidates to join the WayUp talent community, register for recruiting events, and apply to roles posted by the hundreds of customers hiring early-talent on WayUp. Whether the candidate is joining WayUp for the first time, engaging with an employer through branded virtual events, receiving job search learning resources, or hearing about an exciting role, they interact with the candidate marketing team.  

The two halves of this team are growth marketing and candidate engagement. Growth marketing encompasses everything involved in adding new candidates to the WayUp database. Our candidate engagement team is responsible for engaging existing WayUp users, encouraging them to register for virtual events or apply to jobs. Our experienced team has spent years learning how to best virtually communicate with an early-career, largely Gen-Z population to help you get the best results. This expertise benefits our employer partners by creating truly compelling and relevant messaging and content for candidates, connecting qualified and diverse talent with top employers.

While the candidate engagement team manually drives thousands of applications (1 million by the end of 2022) to our customer’s roles every day, we can also help your team craft messaging in our Automated Concierge Sourcing Tool.  Impactful messages can be automatically sent to target candidates regularly, lifting a significant administrative burden and letting your recruiters focus on what is most important. 

The Growth Team

A main priority of the candidate marketing team is to consistently grow the WayUp database so you always have a fresh and engaged group of students and recent grads from which to source.  In the past 8 years, the WayUp database has grown to over 7 million candidates, with an average of 20,000 new users joining every month.  While many candidates hear about WayUp through word of mouth, the growth team is working every day to increase the number of new qualified students and early-career candidates joining WayUp. 

Social media engagement on Instagram, Reddit, & TikTok along with GoogleAd campaigns drive a significant portion of WayUp’s new registrants, engaging Gen-Z candidates on websites they commonly start with when searching for a new job. The growth team also pursues mutually beneficial partnerships with university career centers as well as DEI focused organizations. Because University Career Centers and organizations like Out 4 Undergrad or Veterans On Wall Street can see how many great opportunities are on WayUp and know we put the job seeker first, they are happy to encourage their network to join.  

What separates the WayUp’s candidate database from others out there is that we find the candidates that companies need when they need them from all corners of the US. Many competing candidate databases automatically include students who attend certain universities as “active” because of a partnership with that school, when in reality, the profiles are hardly ever used.  All WayUp candidates make their own profiles, submit their own demographic data, and can come from any school in the nation. Because candidates come to us, their profiles are much more active, their demographic data is compliant, and they are eager to find a job when they join. 

The Engagement Team

The candidate engagement team helps to ensure that candidates are finding value on the WayUp platform and serves as an extension of your recruiting org, focused on creating meaningful connections with candidates that boost your virtual event registration and job application numbers. This team tailors candidate communications based on their preferences, including email, SMS, and social media, and based on their qualifications and experience, surfaces relevant roles and opportunities through multiple channels  

Strategic candidate engagement can also increase your recruitment marketing footprint,  building more awareness of your employer brand amongst a target demographic. Virtual events are one of the most common ways our candidate engagement team partners with our customers. Customers are supported through the process of planning, marketing, and presenting engaging virtual events, from general info sessions, to more role specific topics for smaller groups. Helping candidates learn about the culture at your company is one of many ways marketing drives applications to your open roles. 

Looking Ahead

The WayUp Candidate Marketing team is always looking for new ways to bring value to candidates and encourage them to join WayUp.  This January, we are launching the first WayUp Job Search 101 Sessions dedicated to bringing early career candidates and career experts together to share best practices for landing their first job or internship.

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